Getting ready to stock up on Halloween treats

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means that I have to start planning. My children's school doesn't allow food items, which means that I need to think about goodies for school. While many party stores have little trinkets, I often spend a lot of money and the items often end up in the trash.

Here are some thoughts on getting cost-effective goodies for the kids that they will actually use.

McDonalds coupons books. These coupons are the best deals around. For $1 you get 12 coupons for free McDonalds items. My local McDonalds has its shipment. I bought 10 books. The coupons are good to the end of December.

Check the left over clearance sales. Many of the stores are trying to get rid of all the extra school supplies. Often you will find crayons, colored pencil, even notebooks for $0.25 or less. Kids need school supplies all year round. Parents may thank you.

Buy books. eBay, craigslist and even local fundraisers offer great deals on kids' books. While a book might not be considered a cool gift, it will help the kids in school.

Talk to a local family establishment for coupons. Do your kids love bowling or mini-golf? Sometimes you can buy coupons/vouchers to give out as treats. The business might even want the promotion and might give you a good deal.

Do you have any thoughts on Halloween non-edible treats? What might your family do?

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