Crunchy N Yummy, our new school snack

Tomorrow is my son's first day in full time school. As a first grader, he must bring a snack to school everyday in addition to his lunch. While the idea of a snack is great, finding a healthy, portable snack everyday can be difficult. But, one of my family's favorite snacks, Crunchy N Yummy, is coming to my rescue.

Crunchy N' Yummy is a healthy, natural snack. The fruit is picked at its peak to ensure the great sweet and juicy taste. These freeze-dried fruit contain many natural vitamins and a daily serving of fruit. The freeze-dry process retains all the fruits color, flavor and nutritional value. Crunchy N Yummy contains no preservatives, salt, sweeteners or gluten. The product is made from 100% natural fruit, is certified USDA organic and is Parve Kosher.

Like many schools, our school requires that all snacks are peanut free. With this restriction, I have to be careful what he brings. While I like granola bars, many of them have peanuts, which prohibits them from the classroom.

What I've decided for my son's snack choice tomorrow is a combination of Crunchy N Yummy strawberries and cheerios. It's a good combination of fruit and grains. I like that it won't be messy in the classroom, but still offers my son a fruit to eat.

There are tons of options with Crunchy N Yummy. With the different fruits, I can do a mixed fruit snack or a fruit/salty mix with pretzels. Having flexibility will keep the daily snack from being boring.

At home, I like mixing Crunchy N Yummy into my yogurt or cereal And, on an indulgent day, adding some to my ice cream. Crunchy N Yummy a great after workout snack too.

Check out Crunchy N Yummy for yourself. Crunchy N Yummy comes in 5 flavors, Strawberry, Pineapple, Banana, Mango and Papaya. Crunchy N Yummy can be purchased at, and Locally, Crunchy N Yummy can be purchased at select stores in New York and Florida.

For more information on Crunchy N Yummy, please see its website, Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Those sound great! My son loves fruit and I bet he would love these. I will have to check on getting some for him.

  2. I did a review for these snacks! My favorite was the banana. :D

  3. Nice to know. I will be checking these out! I like the idea of adding it to yogurt.

  4. It's so hard with all the restrictions from schools to have a wide variety of options for school snacks. What you're sending with your son sounds yummy! Hooray for his first full day. I hope it's exciting...wait, he starts on a Friday?