YoCrunch Greek Yogurt: Review

Over the past year, I have learned that Greek style yogurt has great nutritional benefits for me.

Although I know that Greek yogurt is good for me, I love. YoCrunch yogurt. When my kids get the ice sundaes (or a blizzard from that famous store), I would turn to YoCrunch Oreo yogurt for my little indulgence. I didn't want to feel left out.

Now, one of my favorite yogurt companies has a Greek style yogurt, YoCrunch Greek Yogurt.

YoCrunch Greek Yogurt is yogurt and granola combination. I get the benefits from the Greek yogurt with a little extra with the granola. I've been enjoying these for an afternoon snack while the kids have their Popsicles after the pool. They have become my favorite summer treat.

YoCrunch Greek Yogurt comes in four flavors, honey, blueberry, Peach and strawberry. These selections have between 170-180 calories.

YoCrunch Greek Yogurt is available major retailers, including Walmart and Jewel. For a complete list of retailers please see http://www.yocrunch.com/store-locator.html

So if you are looking for a Greek Style yogurt to add to your routine, look for YoCrunch Greek Yogurt.

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