Seattle's Best Coffee helps you become more efficient

We all know that moms are busy. Sometimes a few thoughts to help with our busy lifestyles can be helpful.

Seattle's Best Coffee knows that a grab and go coffee is just what can make the day start right. The new grab and go cans are a great way to get the off to a quick start. Be sure to check out the the Official Latte of Pretty Much Everything. Plus they are offering a $1.50 off coupon too.

Here are 10 thoughts to help your busy schedule more efficient.

1. Keep the fridge stocked with water bottles. We have tons of reusable water bottles. I keep multiple bottles in the garage refrigerator to grab on the way to a tball game, trip to the gym or just the impromptu play-date

2. Keep loyalty cards in your car. How often do you need to stop at the store and you've forgotten the store's loyalty card. I keep all my store cards in my car's console so I can easily grab it going into the store.

3. Keep an organized calendar. Whether you are an iPhone addict or a traditional paper calendar, staying organized is the easiest way to stay on top of your daily routine.

4. Make your kids responsible. How many times do you head out the door late because the kids can't find their shoes, homework or baseball glove. Make your kids get their stuff ready beforehand. It gives you a few extra minutes and teaches your kids responsibility.

5. Pre-plan some meals. While planning a whole week's meals may be ambitious, a few ideas for a few nights can keep you away from the drive-thru.

6. Don't over schedule yourself. I'm learning an important lesson this summer. Don't over schedule yourself. It's good to have lots of activities but sometimes a day of nothing can help recharge everyone.

7. Keep your car stocked books. How many times have you sat in a carpool line bored to tears. Keep a magazine that you have wanted to read or the latest book club selection for those down moments. Also throw a couple o kids books too. Extra reading is always a good thing.

8. Make appointments at the end of the current appointment. How often do you forget to make the kids doctors appointments? Why not schedule their next appointment when you are leaving the current appointment. Planning ahead can help make your schedule less chaotic.

9. It's ok to accept help. Its great to be super mom, but sometimes it's ok to get help from friends. Why not carpool to school activities or sports games. It's a win win for everyone.

10. Be easy on yourself. No matter how busy or full your schedule, the only thing that matters is that your is healthy and happy. Nothing else matters.

So whether you are great at the grab and go or could use a little more practice, it will all fall into place in the end.

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