Virginia Beach, Live the Life this summer

When I think of Virginia, my mind usually jumps to the historical landmarks and monuments that are close to Washington DC. From Mount Vernon to Monticello, these American landmarks make me think of Virginia. But there is more to this historic state, there is Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach has a slogan, Live the Life. This sandy, warm oasis offers numerous options for everyone to enjoy their time in Virginia Beach. Here is a list of 10 reasons to visit Virginia Beach this summer.

1. Tons of FREE activities: From the gorgeous beaches to parks and wildlife, Virginia Beach has lots of free (and almost) free activities for the family. With all of our family budgets stretched, cost-effective activities on vacation can really help keep the spending in check.

2. Beach Street U.S.A.: Along Atlantic Avenue, performers will entertain you with music, juggling and much more. No matter what night that choose, you won't be disappointed with the entertainment on display.

3.Military Aviation Museum :  My boys love airplanes and a trip to a museum with lots of airplanes is a must on our list. Located at the Virginia Beach Airport, the Military Aviation Museum is home to the largest private collections of World War II and Korean War era fighters, bombers, trainers and seaplanes. Admission to the museum $10 for adults, $5 for students, and seniors and active duty military is $9.

4.  Virginia Beach Amusement Park   My kids are starting to enjoy amusement park rides. The Virginia Beach Amusement Park offers the Skyscraper. There are only seven of these extreme thrill rides in the world. Admission to the park is free, but ride tickets 70 cents to $1 and rides require four to six tickets.

5. Virginia Legends Walk   A visit to Virginia wouldn't be complete without a little history lesson.  This museum details the contributions of Virginians including Edgar Allen Poe, Arthur Ashe, Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy Cline, Thomas Jefferson and Captain John Smith. The walk is free.

6. Parasailing:  Who wouldn't want to fly through the air?  Virginia Beach offers parasailing off the coastline. While soaring above, you can see schools of fish and possibly some dolphins. Get your wings and soar.

7. Capt. Jack's Pirate Adventures: What's a pirates favorite letter? ARGGGH! My kids love pirates and this cruise would be tops on their lists of fun activities. Join the pirate adventure on the Spanish galleon ship for an adventure on the high seas.

8. Golfing: Of course, we can't forget about dad on our trips. Virginia Beach offers over 198 holes of golf. With both public and private courses, everyone can hit the links while on vacation.

9. Dining:  While I'm on vacation, I like to explore local cuisine. In Virginia Beach, I can expand my palate with experimental dining or stick to traditional seafood samplings. No matter your favorite cuisine, Virginia Beach has your taste buds covered.

10. Shopping: Of course, when you are on vacation, you need a souvenir to relive your memories. Virginia Beach offers classic and modern shopping venues. From the Lynnhaven Mall, one of the largest on the East coast, or town center of Virginia Beach, your family will find the perfect memento for your trip.

If you are looking for a last minute family vacation before the kids head back to school, why not consider Virginia Beach. From sand and sea, to shopping and sports, Virginia Beach offers it all.

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