TracFone, cellular convenience with a small price tag

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
During the summer, we travel as a family. Whether it is short distances or a planned, long distance vacation, our family will need cell phones. But the roaming and international charges for our cell phone carrier can make put a wench in our vacation budget.
One option that our family has is TracFone. TracFone offers the least expensive cellular plans in the US. With various minute plans, your family can stay within its budget. Plus, there are simple phones with texting capabilities for only $10. No worries about the kids running up the cell phone bill with all their texts. Check out what these real TracFone customers say.
Plus a great option with TracFone is the international calling. TracFone offers 60 different international calling destinations at no extra cost. So if you're taking the family to Cancun for a couple of days or you are escaping to Cabo without the kids, TracFone can let you call back and forth without a super large or purchasing a separate international calling plan on your phone. TracFone gives your family lots of calling options.
Still not convinced that TracFone is for you. These are real customers who are like you. Check out this video of real TracFone customers
Also, TracFone offers lots of types of phones for their plans. With choices like Motorola, LG and Samsung your family will have the same technology features as other cell phone companies. With TracFone you don't have to worry about long term contracts and frees in order to get the phones and plans that you want. Lots real TracFone customers of agree.
So when the family is ready to take the summer vacation to its next leave, grab your TracFone and go. You'll have some extra dollars to spend on vacation memories rather than your cell phone bill.
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  1. We use 2 dirt cheap Tracfone plans in our family which we've found to be unbeatable by any other cell phone company.
    My elderly parents use Tracfone's SVC plan and phone which are for seniors with eyesight and hearing problems which only costs them $6.66/ month for service and my kids and I use the Tracfone family value plan which cost us a total of $27.96 for a family of 4, I get 50 minutes and the rest of the family gets 40 minutes. For the budget tight families out there, I recommend these 2 plans for making big savings which you could rather use to take the family on day trips with.

  2. I was looking at prepaid cell phone options and I am stuck between Net 10 and TracFone. I want something that has a great international plan...thats like dirt cheap. Does anyone know if Net 10 or TracFone is better for this? I heard that TracFone is but I'm not sure.