Kane County Cougars offer peanut free night July 28

For families with children who have allergies, sporting events can be scary. With peanuts throughout the stands, the possibility of an allergic reaction can be highly probable. Peanut free events give kids with peanut allergies the opportunity to enjoy an event that many of us take for granted.

On July 28, the Kane County Cougars will offer a peanut free game.This means that there will be no peanuts or peanut products sold during the game.

Plus, this game is part of Ozzie's Birthday Bash. The theme for this game is mascot night. Lots of mascots will be on hand to celebrate Ozzie's Birthday. Just look at the picture above for an example from last year's event.

Kane County Cougars are located at 34W002 Cherry Lane, Geneva, IL 60134. Tickets can be purchased on-line at www.kccougars.com or by phone at 630-232-8811.

Tickets range range from $12 to $8 depending on location and availability. Premium parking passes are available for $5 each or general parking is free.

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