Back to school shopping, kids finding their style

Back to school shopping can be a fun and trying time. As a mom, I like to be practical on the clothes and supplies that I buy my boys. But, the boys are getting older and they now like to express their opinions on what should and should not be in their closets. So what is a mom to do? Compromise of course.

In our house, we try to find a happy medium when it comes to back to school clothes shopping. I like the boys to wear collared shirts and khakis. So, during our shopping trips, I try to get at least one or two of these outfits that are a little nicer for first days of school or special occasions.

But, I want to make sure that the boys will wear the outfits so I give them a choice of shirt or pants color. By letting the boys have a little choice in the process, I have found that they will wear those outfits more often. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

One big item for back to school shopping is the outfit for the first day of school. In this scenario, I let the boys choose two outfits. From these two outfits (unless one is a bathing suit- my kids are swimmers and live in bathing suits), I pick the one that I like better (or more appropriate). Yet again everyone is happy and the kids are developing their sense of style. 

As the boys have gotten older, their sense of style is emerging. My oldest son likes to dress similar to his father. If he sees his dad in a golf shirt going to work in the morning, he will want to wear a golf shirt too. Also, I've noticed that he has a favorite color, green. If he could have a closet full of green shirts, the boy would be ecstatic. 

My younger son is still developing his style. While I know his favorite color, red, his clothes choices run the gamut. From Packer jerseys (he must wear 2- one for each of his favorite players) to button down shirts, every day is a new discovery. I think that now that he is starting school, we will see a pattern emerge, similar to his older brother.

Since I only have a house full of boys, I think that I have it lucky with back to school shopping. There are only so many options for jeans, pants, shirts and shoes. If I had little girls, I think that this whole process would be more difficult (and possibly expensive). From what my friends tell me, my back to school shopping is easy.

What do you think about back to school shopping?  Do you have a child who must wear the latest trend or will only wear Batman t-shirts. Share a story or two. Maybe your experience can help another mom as she starts her back to school shopping.

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