RevAbs, getting stronger this summer, update

A couple of weeks ago, I started the RevAbs program, developed by Brett Hoebel. So far, I'm quite impressed.

I know what many of you might be thinking, you must be doing thousands of crunches a day. Well, the answer is no. What people don't think about when wanting a fitter stomach area is that you have to do more than just old fashioned stomach exercises. Some of the most effective stomach exercises aren't stomach area driven.

For example, lunges and squats are a great way to work your abs. The control that you need to effectively do these exercises comes directly from your abs. If you don't fire up your abs, the full benefits of these exercises are lost.

What I like best about the RevAbs program is the clear instructions by Brett. Each exercise is demoed and explained so that you can do it effectively and correctly. Also, there are modifications for the beginner and/or advanced fitness levels.

For me, the program has helped me get stronger. I've been the cardio queen. From the elliptical to spin class, I can't get enough cardio. By doing RevAbs, I've noticed that I less fatigued and my body is getting stronger. From carrying groceries to kid gear, my back doesn't hurt and I can lift more. Now that birthdays and vacations are over, I can concentrate on my diet to optimize my results.

Are you looking to get stronger? Your chance to win the RevAbs system ends June 10.

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