Crunchy N Yummy, the perfect summer snack, I Love My Daddy giveaway sponsor

From June 16 through June19, More 4 Mom's Buck will be participating in the I Love My Daddy Giveaway event. I'm happy to announce that there will be three prizes here at More 4 Mom's Buck. One of our prize sponsors is Crunchy N' Yummy.

Crunchy N' Yummy is a healthy, natural snack. The fruit is picked at its peak to ensure the great sweet and juicy taste. These freeze-dried fruit contain many natural vitamins and a daily serving of fruit. The freeze-dry process retains all the fruits color, flavor and nutritional value. Crunchy N Yummy contains no preservatives, salt, sweeteners or gluten. The product is made from 100% natural fruit, is certified USDA organic and is Parve Kosher.

During the summer, Crunchy N' Yummy is the perfect on the go snack. We are busy during the summer months. From swim meets to tball, our family is constantly away from home. Of course, I prefer my kids to eat well, but the convenient snack options usually aren't the most healthy. It can be difficult to bring fruit with us because who can carry coolers and utensils necessary for serving fruit. But with Crunchy N' Yummy, I don't have to worry about any of those issues. The convenient packages provide the boys with fruit on the go without any mess. Also, I don't have to worry about the boys sharing their snacks with friends because all the Crunchy N' Yummy products are gluten and allergy free, a benefit in our community.

Crunchy N Yummy comes in 5 flavors, Strawberry, Pineapple, Banana, Mango and Papaya. Crunchy N Yummy can be purchased at, and Locally, Crunchy N Yummy can be purchased at select stores in New York and Florida.

For more information on Crunchy N Yummy, please see its website, Facebook or Twitter.

Crunchy N' Yummy will be providing a prize package to the winner of the I Love My Daddy at More 4 Mom's Buck. Come back on June 16 to enter.

Disclosure: Crunchy N' Yummy is providing a prize as part of the I Love My Daddy event. All opinions are 100% mine and have been not influenced any person or entity. For my complete disclosure policy, please see

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