Store brand formula prevails in court

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As many of you have come to know, store brand formula is the same as major brand name formula. It's a federal regulation that all formula must contain the same nutritional requirements. The packaging may be different, the advertising may be different, but in the end, all formula is basically the same.

Recently, PBM sought relief from the court system that major brand name formula competed unfairly in the formula markets. The key point to its argument was that national and store brand formulas must be afforded the opportunity to compete fairly.

The store brand formulas sought to prove that certain companies infected the market with misleading and unfair advertising. This advertising caused a determent to store brand's formula sales. Since all formula the same, per federal regulation, any advertisement that implied one brand is superior to another would be inappropriate. The false implication would hurt store sales and boost the major brand name's sales.

The courts found that the advertising was misleading and it infected the marketplace. PBM was awarded a $13.5 million for the false advertising claim.

In the end, all formula is the same. Cost, brand name or fancy packaging does not change the ingredients in the formula.

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