Making a little switch to bring a bigger change

Life is about choices. That statement may seem cliche, I know. It's like those inspirational posters or words of wisdom from a fortune cookie. Still the sentiment applies. Life is about choices.

Recently, I was asked to participate in a writing prompt about making little switches. I was asked to look at my daily decisions to see where I could make a little switch. Hopefully the little switch would make a difference.

Of course, my mind went all over the place. From the adding more vegetables to the kids meals to not getting as angry when the toys are still on the floor, numerous ideas popped into my head. But in the end, I thought that a meaningful gesture would have a bigger impact than a simple action.

My little switch for our family will be to turn off the television during breakfast. Usually our morning routine involves the Today Show and Cheerios. Recently, I found that the kids become wrapped up with the stories and weather that we start to run behind. Of course, I want to know if its going to be cold or rainy, but the distraction that the television causes sets the day off on the wrong track. My frustration and the kids impatience makes the day become chaotic and it's only 8 am.

By turning off the television, the kids and I can talk about what is going to happen that day. From swim practice or tae kwon do, we are a busy family. It is important for the kids to understand the schedule of the day. And, the morning is a great time to reinforce school concepts from the night before. Or, make sure that the school library books are in the back pack.

Now that are mornings are a little more about us, it seems that there is less loudness in our house. Kids get dressed without issue, bags are ready and we go out the door on time. All of these factors make the rest of the day seem to go very smoothly. By the end of the day, I'm definitely less frazzled.

So, my little switch, turning off the television, is making a difference to my family's routine and demeanor. What little switch can your family make? Maybe some moms could use a little more me time or maybe you could use a little romantic spark from your partner. Whatever your little switch might be, take the challenge. The difference just might surprise you.

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