Easter memories, now and then

Growing up Easter meant many things. From getting a new dress to the basket of candy from the Easter bunny, that glorious spring morning was full of joy. Sometimes Easter was doubly special because it would fall on my father's birthday. In addition to the jelly beans and peeps there would be birthday cake after our ham brunch. My childhood Easter memories were always fill with joy. I can only hope to pass those memories on to my children.

Now, as a mom, Easter has different meaning for me.

Through my children, I see the joy of find the hidden eggs throughout the house and the giggles from too much Easter candy snacking throughout the day.

Our Easter morning starts with an egg hunt throughout the house. Instead of loading the eggs with candy, our Easter bunny hides eggs that have some coins hidden inside. After all the eggs are found, we empty loot into our Easter baskets. From pennies to quarters, and the occasional dollar, the boys carefully count and put in their piggy banks all their loot.

Also, the boys enjoy visiting with family and friends. Sometimes we host an Easter brunch for neighbors and friends. Other years, we travel to see family. In both situations, the gratitude of sharing a meal with loved ones heightens the occasion. Even when the mash potatoes are lumpy or the ham is dry, the food isn’t the star; rather, the love and laughter in the house is brilliant part of the day.

Even through all these wonderful new celebrations, for me, the Easter day brings great joy and part sadness.  Ten years ago my father expectantly passed away from cancer, shortly after his Easter birthday. Many of my memories of my father are tied to Easter. So, during this holiday, I try to incorporate something that would have made my father smile. These little touches are usually just for me. From a small piece of candy hidden in my kids’ Easter baskets to a mimosa in the morning for me, a little moment to remember my father will put a smile on my face for the day.

As each year passes, I hope that my Easter celebration choices are creating lasting memories for my boys. It might be a favorite Easter candy or the excitement of finding a quarter in a plastic egg. No matter what my children take away from these moments, it will form a part of the strong men that I look forward to them becoming.

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