Visualize better dreams with Pepcid AC and the Dream Visualizer

As a mom, I relish a good night’s sleep. I try to avoid interruptions to those few hours of restful peace. Unfortunately, sometimes heartburn can cause a break to that sleep. 

Luckily, Maximum Strength PEPCID® AC® has some great tips to reduce heartburn risk and maximum your sleep. Here are the tips: 

o   Trade in three large meals for five small ones throughout the day to avoid putting excess pressure on your stomach, which can force acid up into your esophagus late at night. 
o   Avoid snacking or heavy meals before bedtime—they are harder to digest and will cause burning and discomfort that will get worse when you lie down and can wake you up in the middle of the night.
o   Don't wear clothes that fit tightly around the waist, since they can aggravate your symptoms.
o   Steer clear of mint, chocolate, caffeine and alcohol—all of which are triggers for nighttime heartburn.
o   Chew gum during the evening. This can boost the production of saliva, which neutralizes stomach acid.
o   If you do experience heartburn, Maximum Strength PEPCID® AC® can help – after all, it’s clinically proven to help relieve tough heartburn, even at night.

 Now that you have the plan for the most peaceful sleep, why not visualize that great dream all over again. Maximum Strength PEPCID® AC® has a fun online gadget, the Dream Visualizer. Simply go to and see a whimsical representation of your dream. 

I got my kids involved with this website. We spent Sunday morning thinking about our best dreams. From exotic travel to being a superhero, the brought our favorite dreams back to reality.

Now that you have your restful sleep free of heartburn, find what your dreams hold. Try for yourself.

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