Bruegger's Bagels gives you 3 FREE BAGELS, February 8

During these long winter months, we could all use a little special treat. Bruegger’s understands that we deserve a treat.

On February 8, Bruegger’s wants to give you THREE FREE BAGELS.  What does Bruegger’s want in return? The free bagels are in honor of Bruegger’s birthday and National Bagel Day (February 9).

How do you get the coupon for 3 FREE BAGELS? Simply answer their survey and the coupon is yours.

1.       What is your favorite bagel flavor (choose 3)
a.       Asiago Parmesan
b.      Blueberry
c.       Cinnamon Crunch
d.      Cinnamon Raisin
e.      Cinnamon Sugar
f.        Egg
g.       Everything
h.      Honey Grain
i.         Onion
j.        Plain
k.       Poppy
l.         Pumpernickel
m.    Rosemary Olive Oil
n.      Sesame
o.      Trail Mix
p.      Whole Wheat

2.       What tops those favorite bagels best?
a.       Stick to tradition: Just a little butter
b.      Daily serving: Garden Veggie Cream Cheese
c.       Old School: Plain Cream Cheese
d.      On the lighter side: Light Cream Cheese
e.      Mmmmm…bacon: Bacon Scallion Cream Cheese
f.        A little nutty: Honey Walnut Cream Cheese
g.       The berry best: Strawberry Cream Cheese

3.       Where do you plan to enjoy your free bagel treat?
a.       At Bruegger’s with friends
b.      All by myself at Bruegger’s – with free wi-fi
c.       At Bruegger’s with family
d.      Back to the office In the car, during my commute
e.      I bring lunch, dinner or dozens home to eat

For anyone who answers the survey in the comments section, you will be treated to 3 FREE BAGELS at Bruegger’s. The coupon will be available late afternoon on February 7 to all those who enter on my website
The free bagel offer is good until 2 pm on February 8 at participating Bruegger’s locations.

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