Griddly Headz Hockey, take to the ice at home, REVIEW

Now that football season is over our house is focused on hockey. Luckily living in Chicago hockey is all around us. Whether you are a Chicago Blackhawks fan or like the Chicago Wolves there is always some action in the ice.

Knowing that my boys are now liking hockey I couldn't wait for them to play Griddly Headz Hockey. This game has many aspects of playing the actual game of hockey. Whether your team has just finished a face off or has a teammate going to the penalty box, the actions of the game are similar to a hockey game.

The game focuses on strategy. To win the game, a player needs to score 10 goals. While trying to score, players try to prevent opponents from scoring. By moving quickly, checking your opponent or knocking out a few teeth, it's imperative to be the last player standing.

What I liked about Griddly Headz is that it can grow with the kids. We played a more scaled down version for my boys. But as they get more adept at strategy, we can expand the game into more aspects. Also, players do not need to have  knowledge of hockey to play. 

Griddly Headz is recommended for players 8 years or older. The game works with either 2 to 4 players or teams.

Griddly Headz is sold at. It retails for $29.99 at or Fat Brain Toys for $28.95.

Griddly Headz is also available in a Baseball and Racing.

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