Blind Sight, could you save the children

As this novel opens, a simple request is made save my children. Who could have know that this request made by a dying father would involve cults, death threats and a perilous journey across the country.

Blind Sight, a novel by James H. Pence, grips its audience with thoughtful prose and non-stop adventure.

Thomas Kent is a man who no longer has the will to live. After experiencing tragedy, he is waiting for his miserable life to end. One day he receives a bizarre phone call from an old friend, with a simple message, save my children.

This simple request turns Thomas' life into complete chaos. From death threats by a cult to a quest to find the children's missing mother, Thomas learns that his life is worth living.

Blind Sight is a gripping novel that allows the reader to question why a person acts as he does. Whether it is a choice to put others first or whether to blindly follow without question, this novel evokes an inquisitive nature. At the core, the characters have to understand why they fight for their choices. The cumulintation of the journey is an understanding of the decisions that a person has made and the effect those decisions have on others.

Blind Sight is a face-paced, well written novel. Perfect for a winter afternoon, curled up by the fire.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of Blind Sight to review. All opinions are 100% mine. For my complete disclosure policy, please see

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