2010 toys and games that we will remember

It was a great year for children's toys. We saw creative toys, inexpensive toys and lots of sports related toys.
Here are a few toys and games that made my family's top 2010 list. 

Silly Bands:

Zhu Zhu Pet and Kung Zhu:
  • These adorable little hamsters were everywhere this year. With the addition of the battle hamsters, Kung Zhu, everyone in the family was able to enjoy these furry little creatures. What's up for the Zhu-inverse next year? More furry fun, I'm sure.
  • These funny, fuzzy creatures hit the stores later in the year. Kids were able to create all types of silliness with the bendable creatures.
Imagination Toys
Sports based toys
These toys and games are just a few of the highlights of 2010. What are your favorite toys and games of 2010? What do you think will be the big hit in 2011? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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