Because I Said So, a book by Keller Williams, review

My kids ask so many questions. Can we go play in the snow? Can we get a puppy? And, more often than not, my response is NO. Of course, the next question comes – why?  If I say it once a day, I say hundreds of times a day to my kids “Because I said SO!” I’m sure that many other moms know that phrase as well.
Now, that infamous phrase, Because I Said So, is an adorable new book by Keller Williams. 

Because I Said So chronicles the many wants of a cute little boy. This boy asks his mom for some of the most outlandish things. From an alligator to an airplane, the little boy’s imagination runs wild.  He is always asking and questioning, but he is told no without an explanation. In the end, the little boy learned an important lesson; you may wish for the world, but you don’t always get everything that you wish for.  

Keller Williams, author of Because I Said So, is best known for his music. His most recent release, Kids, is an upbeat collection of songs that appeals to kids and families. His music is engaging and humorous. His songs give a humorous voice to the daily routine. In his song, In My Car Seat, Williams shares a little one’s insights on what it’s like to be driven around by mom and dad. (My Car Seat can be downloaded at

Because I Said So retails for $20 and can be purchased at The book comes with a CD. 

Also, the Keller Williams’ CD Kids can be purchased on the website for $14.99.

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