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I like a good glass of wine. Whether I enjoy it with dinner or at the end of the day, a glass of wine is my way to have a little moment of piece. I am definitely not a wine snob, but I have always been a little wary of wines in a box, until recently.

Last weekend, my house hosted a Black Box Wine party. Black Box wine is served in an eco-friendly black box. It is high end wine from some of the greatest wine regions including Napa, Sonoma County, Italy and New Zealand. Black Box Wine is breaks the mold of a premium wine in a box.

The types of wine that we sampled were the Shiraz and the Pinot Grigio. Here is some infomration on the two types of wine.
  • Shiraz: Black Box Shiraz (aka Syrah) is from California’s magnificent Central Coast region, a prime location for this noble grape variety originating in France’s Rhône Valley. The wine’s fresh blackberry and cherry aromas are enhanced by floral, pepper and wood spice notes, while its lush dark fruit, vanilla and toasted oak flavors culminate in a soft, supple finish.
  • Pinot Grigio: In recent years, Pinot Grigio has become enormously popular in the U.S. With vibrant floral and citrus blossom aromas and lively lemon-lime and peach flavors, it’s bright and delicious, and pair well with white meat, pastas and salads. 
What we all determined was that Black Box wine is definitely that a beverage that we will keep in our house.

Black Box Wine keeps for at least four weeks in the bag in the box packaging. I can't think about how many times that I have thrown away half empty bottles of wine. With Black Box Wine, there is no more throwing away wine.

The portable box is great for outside events like a picnic, campfire or any outdoor event. No worrying about broken glass with the Black Box.

Black Box Wine is a great value too. When we bought the wine, it was approximately $22 for the box. One box equates to 4 bottles. 

So next time that you are looking for a premium wine, grab the Black Box.

Disclosure: I am member of BzzAgent. We received a discount on the purchase of Black Box Wine and some additional items. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any person or entity. For my complete disclosure policy, please see

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