Make holiday travel less stressful with NAVTEQ updates

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I don't know about you, but the holidays in our house seem  to mean that there is traveling involved. Whether it's a short trip to a friends's house for dinner or a longer trip to see family, there is time spent in the car. With all the traffic and construction in our area, I'm constantly using our GPS to find the fasted route or sometime detour.

Since I live in a city with lots of construction, I need to reply on my GPS to find alternative routes. With new routes constantly change, I know that a map update  is very important to my system.

If your car is equipped with an in-dash GPS, you should be familiar with NAVTEQ. NAVTEQ is the company that provides the updates to your in-dash GPS. If your system is a few years old, you might want to consider a map update.

By having the most up to date maps, you can save fuel, save time and be less aggravated during the busy holiday travel system. Why not spend a couple of dollars if it means a happier holiday. I know that an map update is ion our Christmas list. I hate being stuck in traffic and not knowing which is the best new road to take. Having a map update from NAVTEQ means that I will know all the latest routes and save myself the hassle of going the wrong way.

So if your family is traveling this holiday season why not consider a map update from NAVTEQ. It might make the holidays a little less  stressful

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