Give back to your friends - presents Feed It Forward - FREE $10 gift card

It's the holiday season and there are many things that our family is thankful for. We have many people in our life that have made our lives fuller. When I can do something to pay our good fortunate forward, I jump at the opportunity. understands that the holiday season is a great time to pay it forward. has launched an amazing program, Feed It Forward.

Feed It Forward allows you to send up to 40 $10 gift certificates to all of your friends and family every day. The program is FREE. There is no cost to you. You can send 1 gift certificate per person during this promotion. The promotion ends December 31. 

When you send your friends a gift from Feed It Forward, they get the opportunity to share the experience with their friends. With everyone's help, can reach it's goal is to give away $40 million in restaurant gift certificates.

Are you familiar with offers gift certificate to some of your favorite restaurants at remarkable discounts. The website offers savings at over 15,000 restaurants and 35,000 gift certificates options. Right now, is offering $25 gift certificates for as low as $2.

So, let's all work together this holiday season, give a little back and feed it forward. It might just make all of our days a little brighter and more merry.

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