Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews review

How often do we wonder - how will my actions effect others?  Surely if I just keep to myself and not worry about the world around me I'll be fine.

In reality, all actions have effect on how and why we live. It does not matter how big or small. Every action has a reaction to a part of the universe.

The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews examines the idea that one person's actions influence the outcome of the world.

Many of us have heard of the concept, when a butterfly flaps its wings, it could set in motion a series of events that could cause a hurricane across the globe. What if we applied this theory to our actions? How would our world be different if we did or did not act?

Looking at history, we can see how one person's actions can affect future world developments. Whether it is the simple courage and determination of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, who refuses to surrender to the Confederate Army, or Moses Carver, who saved the life of an infant George Washington, every decision that a person makes effects other people's lives. If these determined gentlemen did not act with fearlessness, our country's history would have developed on a vastly different path.

We do not often examine how or why we act. It could be the day that we clap for the child with stage fright as a show of encouragement to continue the performance. This simple act could boost his self-esteem to continue to try new endeavors.

So next time there is a question of how to act and what effect it will have, remember the Butterfly Effect. Every person's life has a purpose; every action has a reaction; and we all do matter in life.

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