Never Let You Go review

What would a mother be willing to do to protect her daughter? Would she betray the memory of her sister? Would she help her sister’s killer? Would she sacrifice herself for her child?
In Erin Healy’s book, Never Let You Go, Lexi confronts these life altering questions. As a single mother, Lexi puts the well-being of her daughter first and foremost in her life. Although her methods may be unorthodox, her purpose is full of love.
Throughout the twists and turns of the story, Lexi lets love guide her decisions. Whether it’s dealing with her ex-husband, a crooked drug dealer, or her sister’s killer, the love Lexi has for her daughter directs each and every move that Lexi makes.
For me, this novel can be disjointed. The supernatural implications woven into the story take away from the love and bond between the mother and child. Lexi’s ability to adapt and evolve in the best interests for her daughter is the heart of the story.  Whether it is sheltering her daughter from corrupt individuals or limiting family interactions, Lexi’s actions are from her heart. In turn, Lexi and her relationship with her daughter and other family members grows when she lets love guide her.
Overall, Never Let You Go is on par with other well known suspense novels.  If you are looking for a good page turning drama, you will find it in Never Let You Go.

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