Add a little Zen to your home with a Bonsai Tree from ProFlowers

Often I contemplate what to give friends for their birthday or what to send as a thank you gift. Of course I can get a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or a gift card to a spa, but sometimes these gifts seem impersonal. I often wonder whether the gifts sat in a drawer unused.

Recently  I have been looking into other gift options at My husband uses ProFlowers for our anniversary and Mother's Day. Their flowers are always beautiful and last for a long time. But ProFlowers is more than flowers. ProFlowers also has numerous options for Birthday gift baskets and Bonsai Trees.

The idea of a Bonsai Tree fascinates me. Did you know that a bonsai tree is more than just a dwarf plant? The bonsai tree represents harmony in nature. Many people consider bonsai trees to be considered an art form. It is an uniquely crafted, living form with understated beauty.

Bosnai trees now are easier for everyone to have in their home or office. ProFlowers offers numerous types of bonsai trees.

I have the gardenia bonsai in our house. My gardenia bonsai is just starting to bloom. Our kitchen is full of the lovely gardenia fragrance. It sits on my windowsill (where it gets lots of sun). It has to be watered about twice a week and it will bloom periodically throughout the year. So far the only care that I have done is watering (enough to completely soak the soil). Eventually I will buy some pruning shears and fertilizer, but currently, the tree just needs water. My bonsai tree came with a care guide, which was very helpful to understand the basics on how to keep my bonsai tree healthy.

There is a sense of wonderment and intrigue with a bonsai plant. The sturdiness of the tree with the delicacy of the miniature size is part of its harmoniousness quality. Whenever I look at it, I remind myself to take a just moment away from the chaos of our house.

So for your next gift giving opportunity, such as a birthday, housewarming or just a special thank you, why not send her a bonsai tree from ProFlowers.

Disclosure: ProFlowers sent me a gardenia bonsai tree for purposes of this review. All opinions are 100% mine and have not been influenced by anyone or any entity. For my complete disclosure policy, please see

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