Summer time and camping tents go hand in hand

We're busy in house. Whether it is t-ball, swimming or just the fun of summer vacation, there no time to just sit at home and do nothing. While we're on the go, it's important for us to take time to enjoy family togetherness. Sometimes a couple of hours in the backyard can do wonders for us as a family.

My boys love the idea of camping and spending time in a tent. I, on the other hand, have no desire to be far away from indoor plumbing and air conditioning. A perfect solution for us is camping in the backyard.

The boys love being able to sit in the backyard with the flashlights and watch fire flies from their pop-up tent. I like that I can watch them from the couch. We all win. Their imagination runs wild with all the creatures that they see in the night. A couple hours of enjoyment by all and my house is a happy place.

Recently I found another great use for a small size camping tent, swim meets. We participate in our local park districts swimming meets. It's a great program for the kids, but sometimes it can be a long day. Many of these pools do not have large sheltered areas for the kids. When there's no reprieve from the conditions, the kids can get cranky. We swim in the rain (as long as there is no thunder or lightning). It is a long day when you stand in the rain for four hours. A simple pop-up tent is the perfect solution for our swim meets. We all get a little shelter, it's not too big and it's easy to put up and take down. Another win, win situation.

Camping tents aren't just for the big camping adventure. Everyone can enjoy a little outdoor adventure with a tent that fits their lifestyle.

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