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I love summertime. I have more free time to get all my household projects going. One big project in our house is painting. But my biggest hump in this chore is deciding what color will work in each room.

Luckily Glidden offers some great solutions to help decide the perfect color for either the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere around the house. Glidden offers thousands of colors, from cheery yellows to rich reds. Whatever color that you can imagination, Glidden has it.


Even with all the color possibilities, it can be difficult to decide on which color is perfect for your space. Sometimes it's fun to examine colors that reflect your personality. Glidden’s Top 10 Color Palettes are organized to reflect your personality. No more wondering if eggplant goes with sienna. Glidden takes the guess work out of color combination.

Also, Glidden offers Glidden paint testers that allow you to paint a test area in your room. These small size jars are easy to use especially with the built-in brush in the tester lid. No messes or large amounts of leftover paint collecting around the house. Plus the low cost of these testers are perfect for you to find the exact shade of green or blue that you're desire.


These paint testers have endless uses. They can be kept in the house for the occasional touch-up on the wall. I can't count how many times that my kids have made a gouge in the wall. I love being able to touch-up the wall quickly without taking out tons paint and supplies.

The other use that my family has for the Glidden paint testers are the monthly Home Depot Kids' Workshop projects. We love making all the workshop projects but it's difficult telling the kids' projects apart. Now, with the Glidden paint testers, each kid chose a color and we have no confusion. The testers have enough paint for at least 5 projects. Not bad for under $3.

So if your family is getting ready for a painting project, try Glidden paint available at your local Home Depot store.


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