Join House Party!

I know what you're thinking - House Party? Some one is going to ask me to buy something or sell something that I don't need. Wrong.

If you're like me, our family loves to try new things and we always have lots of friends and family over.

House Party is a great opportunity to try new things with all your friends. Whether it's a new TV show or a great new food, House Party offers it all.

Right now there are several upcoming events to potentially host.

A few examples are: Do the Potty Dance party from Pull-ups, Zatarain's Mardi Gras House Party, Ziploc DIY Organization House Party.

We are hosting the Digorno Game Day Believer House Party next weekend. I got my party package in the mail yesterday. It was full of coupons, decorations and much more. We're so excited for the big party.

For complete information on the terms and conditions of House Party and the specific parties, please visit for details.

Don't let this opportunity pass your family by - join today!

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