Fun pumpkin carving ideas for the family

Now that the pumpkins are back from the pumpkin patch, the question becomes how are we going to decorate them. Of course, my desire is to choose the option that makes the least amount of mess.

Whether your family chooses to carve, paint or emblish your family's pumpkin, there are tons of internet resources to help in your endeavor.

Carving pumpkins can be messy or difficult. Many websites have easy to follow templates that simplify the process.

  • Hewlett Packard has printable templates available for free. Options includes spiders, ghosts and classic jack-o-latern. Check out for all the printable templates.
  • has 12 templates to print. Some patterns are silly and others a little more scary. These are super easy to follow and good for family fun.
  • Pumpkin Masters offers free carving templates. Also on the website, there are recipes, cool Halloween facts and a carving contest
  • Betty Crocker offers patterns based on some of its favorite cereals.

These are just a few options for carving templates available. Even if your family doesn't want to carve a pumpkin these templates can be adapted to paint a pumpkin with some acrylic paints.

It doesn't matter how you decorate your pumpkin. It's a fun time to spend as a family.

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