It's raining, now what, creative fun activities to do when it's raining outside

Your family was all ready for a big day outside playing, bike riding and having fun in the sun. Unfortunately, the sun is long gone and rain clouds are here to stay all day. These days can make for cranky kids and frustrated adults.

Of course, there are many standby activities to substitute for the planned outdoor activities. The childrens' museum, indoor bounce houses like Airtastic, video games and just watching a movie at home. But sometimes it's more fun to get the family together, and use their creativity to have a fun filled day.

Below are some thoughts for rainy day activities.

1. Build a Fort. What kids does not love building a fort in the house. Gather all the blankets, cushions and easily moved furniture in the middle of the room to create a super fort in the middle of the room. Use the fort all day long. Have a picnic under the fort, tell spooky stories with flashlights or just take a nap. The possibilities with your little ones imaginations are limitless.

2. Scavenger hunt with your dog. If you have a pooch around the house, this activity is for your family. Go around the house and leave little treats for your furry friend. When everything is hidden, let the doggie go wild. Time his progress. When it rains again, repeat the hunt and see if your dog can beat his time.

3. Crayon art project. Around the house, I'm always finding broken crayons. My kids don't want to use the broken ones, but I hate just throwing mostly unused crayons in the trash. An idea for all these pieces is to melt them into one super crayon. Use a old, oiled muffin tin. Put all the broken crayons in tin and melt them. The crazy color creation will be great yield a wonderful color rainbow.

4. Dance party. What kid does not love to sing and dance. We are constantly having band time and singing competitions. Satellite radio and satellite TV have tons of music options. Have each kid and/or adult pick a favorite music genre. Crank up the volume and dance till you drop. All the physical activity hopefully will tire everyone out.

5. Play a board game. Remember your childhood board games. Everyone gathered around the table playing Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land or even High Hi Cherry-O. Break out those games that have been gathering dust in the closet. Each game teaches kids lessons like counting to 100, colors or even that life has ups and downs.

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