How to Express Love with the Gifts You Give

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is less about the money you spend and more about knowing what they will love. You can show someone you love them by simple gestures. And, when you do gift them with something you bought, aim for practical AND sentimental instead of something they simply look at. Read on for tips on how you can express your love for someone with the gifts you give.

Know Their Passions, Hobbies, and Interests
When you love someone, regardless of what kind of love it is, you should know that person’s passions, hobbies, and interests. Do they love to make arts and crafts? Are they always in the kitchen cooking up something awesome? Or, do they simply love watching a good movie and lounging in a big, comfy chair after work? Or, better yet, are they the game king of backyard barbecues and <a cornhole boards? Whatever the case is, strive to get to know someone before you decide to buy them something.

Be Sweet, Sentimental, and Authentic
When you give someone a gift, it matters most when your feelings are in it. You should be sweet, sentimental, and authentic. How so? By giving them something that makes an impact and lets them know how you feel. For instance, if your loved one is an artist, a framed canvas of something you painted, or paid to have painted, is genuine, super-sweet, and memorable.

Include a Sweet Message or Kind Words
Love comes from actions more than words. But it takes courage to put your feelings to paper. When you give someone a present, include a sweet message, preferably handwritten in your own kind words. Express yourself in something short and simple, or compose a loving essay—your choice. But be genuine in whatever you say. If need be, look to a Thesaurus for words that mean more than the ones in your vocabulary, but make sure it all comes directly from you.

Make Your Gifts Memorable and Uplifting
The best gifts to loved ones are memorable, uplifting, and positive. They are trinkets with sentimental value, or practical gifts that allow your loved ones to practice their hobbies. They are gifts that show that you listen, pay attention, and know someone on an in-depth level. People need to feel that connection. And, in the case of gift-giving, you are showing your friendship, relationship, or love with personal presents from the heart.

When you give a loved one a gift, it’s important to remember the aforementioned tips. You never know how much a gift might mean to someone. You could make your loved one’s whole day with the perfect, well-thought out presents.


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