Pirasta, color the big picture with your creative side

Studies have shown that coloring, both inside and out of the lines, can be a leisurely activity. While watching children ponder over the perfect crayon color for a flower, the simplicity of coloring is endearing. Using a specific tool, in a specific space, will create a desired outcome. The white space in between the lines isn’t constantly changing, moving or needing a reply. The paper awaits for your own, personal interpretation on the scene.
With coloring growing in popularity for all ages, coloring as a family can be a fun activity. Since a group can’t color a single, notebook size of paper, the group coloring item needs to be bigger than normal. Pirasta brings the big coloring picture to a family’s home.
Pirasta is a new concept to the coloring world. These really big coloring posters can offer hours of entertainment. From adding a portion every day or everyone spending 30 minutes to add their personal touches, the Pirasta can become a family endeavor. If the parents aren’t ready to color within the lines, the wall sized coloring sheets can keep kids occupied in the playroom for hours or even days on end.

According to the company’s founder, Mira states “Growing up, my parents would tape a large sheet of paper to the wall and my sister and I would spend hours drawing and coloring on it. When my son started drawing on the walls of our small NYC apartment, it seemed like a good idea to give him a way to pursue his heart’s desire without causing lasting damage. So, I did what my parents did but, because he was crazy about rocket ships, I drew him a space scene to color. That was when the idea for Pirasta was born."

Pirasta has several large scale coloring posters. The current designs are Food Fight, Funny Farm, The Big Apple and Let’s Color American. These designs are available in the large scale posters, measuring 63 x 36, and a booklet of “really cool coloring sheets.” The prices are $32 for a poster and $20 for the sheets.

As family look to create unique spaces and d├ęcor in their home, Pirasta is a wonderful option. Since each person can add their personal flare to the sheet, no poster is like another one. In our home, the Pirasta Let’s Color America is a star of the playroom.

Since our family likes to travel and tries to visit new places on a trip, the Let’s Color America is a perfect way to cross off new places we have visited. From coloring in the Golden Gate Bridge to Mount Rushmore to race cars of Indianapolis, each state has a fun picture to remember all the amazing moments. It doesn’t matter if the kids color the Golden Gate Bridge green or Mount Rushmore purple. The reason for their choices and the stories that they recall about the trip are the important moments.

Bring the freedom to create, discover and capture the moment inspiration with Pirasta. Your family’s walls will be flourishing with inspiration.

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