Baby Gifts, what's on your list?

Having a baby is an exciting time. For first time parents, every experience is new. Some events are filled with joyous emotions while others can bring some anxiety. Still, one of the most fun things to do is shop for baby gifts.

Browsing baby gifts can be fun. From the local stores to baby gifts Sydney, parents have so many options for their newest family member. While the variety and choices are amazing, sometimes this list of wants needs to be paired down to what parents really need.

Here are a few thoughts on needs (small items- not the big ticket items).

1. Clothes sizes 6 months and older: While the cute little baby clothes can make you ooh and ahh, those little clothes are quickly put away into the drawer. Babies grow fast. The bigger sizes are often more useful because they are used for more months.

2. Plain white towel: Yes, all those cute bibs and cloths are great for pictures. But, kids are messy. Plain, white towels can be washed over and over. Plus, usually they are a little less expensive. So when your child has a pea or butternut squash mess, you don't feel bad about throwing that cheap white towel directly in the trash.

3. Don't over buy: One trip to a baby store or baby website can be a shoppers dream. Everything is fun and new. But, why buy everything and spend too much? Parents will be spending lots of money on a variety of things. Diapers to formula can drain a bank. Don't spend too much on the other wants. It's better to have a bigger savings account than a bigger diaper bag.

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