Atkins Meal Kits, counting carbs and making a change - review

The writer was given the opportunity by Role Mommy Writer's Network to try Atkins Meal Kits.

What’s the biggest stumbling block to achieving an idea weight? Like many others, I scratch my head at the number on the scale. Yes, I exercise five days a week. Yes, I get my 10,000 steps a day. Yes, I try to get up from the computer a couple of times an hour. Yet, those shorts are getting tighter, the jeans need an extra pull to get on and we won’t mention my arms in that sundress. So what am I doing wrong? The simple answer is – it’s my food intake. 

While I know, like I’ve been told forever, the key to weight loss is calories in/calories out, the reality of that statement is a little harder in daily life. Think about it. Who doesn’t want to stop for that afternoon latte while waiting in carpool line? It’s just coffee. But, that little indulgence comes with tons of sugar and calories. 

The alternative of not eating anything isn’t a good choice or healthy option. No one wants to deal with a crabby mom who hasn’t eaten all day. There has to be a better solution. 

The Atkins Meal Kits offer a convenient meal subscription service that takes the guess work out of better eating through a low carb lifestyle. With a variety of pre-prepared meals and snacks, the busy on-the-go mom has no excuse for making poor eating choices. From a quick breakfast to the on-the-go snack, the Atkins Meal Kits are the solution to reduce the number on the scale. 

A new service, the Atkins Meal kits can be purchased via the Atkins website. Available in three options, Frozen Foodie Meal Kit, Evening Chef Meal Kit, and Easy Peasy Meal Kit, these kits offer a week’s worth of food and tools. Whether starting a new program or getting back on the wagon, these meal kits simplify the whole foods eating lifestyle. 

Since my biggest issue is convenience, I am trying the Evening Chef Meal Kit. This kit balances the convenience of prepared foods during the day with home cooked meals in the evening. The kit contains a variety of frozen meals, shakes and snack bars. From the hot breakfast to start my day to the quick bite to make it through carpool, these whole foods options are keeping my energy sustained all day long. 

The best part about the Evening Chef Meal Kit is that the program is guiding me to be self-sufficient. The carb counting guides and book give clear, easy to follow advice on adapting the Atkins lifestyle into my daily habits. By making a meal each evening, I am re-enforcing smart choices according the Atkins lifestyle. 

For anyone who wants to try the new Atkins Meal Kits, these items are available to order via the Atkins website. Until September 30, guests can use the code NEWKIT5 to receive 5% off all orders. In addition to the kits, all plans come with The New Atkins Made Easy book, the Atkins Carb Counter and the Recipe Booklet. 

Are you ready to jump-start a whole food lifestyle? Check out the new Atkins Meals Kits and get your energy back while seeing the number on the scale go down. 

Disclosure: The Role Mommy Writer's Network sponsored this post. All opinions in this post are the writer's alone. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful program. I do try to watch my carb intake but I am such a bread girl. my mom loves Akins though.

  2. I wish you luck on this program. Everyone needs to find something to work for them.

  3. Wishing you luck for your weight loss journey. Hope you can find a good balance

  4. My husband loves the Atkins diet and always seems to make it work for him. It would be great to have these pre-measured and pre-packaged foods to make sure you stay on task.

  5. I have a lot of friends limiting carbs for their diet. So far it's working really well of them. Good luck.

  6. I haven't tried Atkins yet but I have heard many people have positive experiences with it. Best wishes on your journey!