ZonePerfect nutrition bars time to #SnackandRally to get the job done

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Do you have a thousand things going on each day? Do you try to juggle all the tasks that life throws at you? Do you get the job done and try to stay fit while doing it? ZonePerfect® bars can help in your fitness routine and busy lifestyle. Life doesn't slow down just because you are tired or hungry. These nutrition bars are not just a pick me up. ZonePerfect® nutrition bars are a straight up, all-in, get after it, lift me up!

ZonePerfect® gives you the 2nd, (3rd, 4th, or 5th) wind that you need to have the vitality and energy that keeps you going for your busiest days.

With high quality taste, no less than 10 grams of protein, a variety of flavors and a good source of fibers, ZonePerfect® bars are a great snack that help you feel good about yourself.

Right now you can save up to $4 when you buy 2 boxes of ZonePerfect® at Walmart.

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