Mother's Day, what does it mean to you?

As Mother's Day approaches on the calendar, I think about the day itself. While the stores are filled with flowers, cards and sweet treats, the day isn't about things. Yes, who wouldn't want to be lavished with gifts on Sunday? But the day isn't about things. We can't take things to the grave. For me, I want to create memories (and get an awesome gift - let's be real).

What is a memory? Sometimes, I think that memories come from some grandly planned, enviable event. Yes, money can create memories, but is there more.Not all memories come from grand, glorious gestures. The memories are moments of togetherness.

For me, the memories that I have of special moments with my kids are very special. Last year we took a trip to South Africa. Those moments, whether encountering an lion or swimming with a shark or just watching the sun set, help me smile on days when the world seems too overwhelming. I don't have to see an actual picture. I can say a word, hear a sound or see a color and the weight of the daily chaos feels lifted.

While I do have these incredibly special, insanely lucky moments, they aren't the only times that I reflect on. Sometimes, the smallest, innocuous things stick with me. It can be the hug my youngest gave me on the day that I went to the doctor. The little kiss he gave me on the hand and said, mommy my kiss will make it better. He didn't know what was going on, he couldn't understand. He knew mommy's kisses make everything better and he kiss could make it better too.

As I go into this Mother's Day weekend, I reflect on many memories and moments from years past. Some grand, some simple, some sad and some heartfelt. All those memories are the best present that I could ever have. Those memories won't break, fade or rust. They grow better and stronger each time that they slip into my mind.

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