The Briefcase on CBS, families face a $101,000 dilemma

If you were presented with a suitcase full of cash could you act selflessly? Many people dream of winning the lottery, getting a windfall or just having a few extra dollars of mad money. But if that elusive pile of cash was sitting in front of you, what would you do? Could you hand over some, most or all of it to a complete stranger? This premise is the concept behind the new television show, The Briefcase.

From the creator of the Biggest Loser, The Briefcase, a new reality based television show, brings into question a family’s altruistic nature versus fulfilling its own needs. A family is given a briefcase with $101,000 and is given a dilemma. Within 72 hours, the family must decide to keep all of the money, keep part of the money or give all of the money to another family. During the time-frame, the family learns about the other family who they could give the money. The heart of the story is the question is it better to give than receive?

To be honest, who couldn't use $100,000? From paying off debt to paying for kids college to just giving your savings account a little cushion, that large sum of money could make a difference in almost anyone’s life. Even with all that what if dreaming, could you put your own needs aside to help someone else? While it sounds easy in the abstract, the ability to act in the moment could be an extreme struggle.

Unlike other reality television shows, The Briefcase doesn't preach who is more deserving or criticize the decisions families make. The hour long program offers a glimpse into a family’s life that outwardly may seem happy but is fraught with internal struggles. While money can alleviate some obstacles, the family unit must be the pillar of strength. Without that strength, no pile of cash will make life better.

The Briefcase will air on CBS Wednesday, May 27. Please check your local listings for specific times. 

Do you in think it is better to give rather than receive?

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