Magic Seal Bag Sealer, lock in freshness - review/giveaway

I have two growing, constantly hungry kids. Knowing that they want lots of snacks available, I try to stock the pantry and fridge with many options. From the healthy vegetables and fruits to the occasional treats like chips, choices are abundant. I have only one problem with all the options - bags and containers not closed properly. From missing clips to unsealed bags, I can end up throwing away lots of food because of improper storage. Luckily I have found a solution to the storage sealing problem, Magic Seal Bag Sealer.

Magic Seal is a bag seal stick, which quickly and easily closes a bag. First choose a stick that is 1/4 inch longer than the bag that you want to close. After pushing out the air, insert the yellow guide under the fold and slide the stick across the bag. To unseal, simply slide the stick off in the opposite direction.

I like using the Magic Seal for a couple of reasons. First, I don't have large, difficult to store clips stuffed into kitchen drawers. These sticks are compact and easy to use. Secondly, I can use the Magic Seal in lieu of other sealing bags. I can save money by not buying additional bags or other storage containers. Plus, this item can be reused over and over.

A set of 8 multiple sized Magic Seal sticks retails for $8.95.
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    Disclosure: The writer received this item to use and provide her honest opinions.

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