Java Me Up, afternoon snack with a caffeine pick me up - review

When the afternoon rolls around, my energy can lag. It could be from the early morning run, the endless requests from the kids or just plain tiredness. Instead of grabbing a sugary, calorie laden drink, I would prefer an afternoon snack that packs a punch. Java Me Up, the coffee fueled energy bar, is coming to my afternoon rescue.

Java Me Up is a coffee fueled energy bar. Made from chocolate, coffee, almonds and rolled oats, the bar tastes yummy. With just 160 calories, the bar is a perfect combination of protein, caffeine and calories for an afternoon snack. Combined with 5 grams of fiber, this bar leaves me satisfied yet not over full before dinner.

These snack bars have a chewy texture that is pleasant to taste. The combination of mocha and almond is a perfect choice for a bar. Without being overly sweet, the bar satisfied both the afternoon cravings and the energy drop. With a big glass of water and a bar, I'm ready to tackle the long to do list before the day ends.

Another great option is to eat one of these bars prior to a gym workout. Caffeine can help power through those squats or finish a long run. The boost of caffeine with the combined protein can be factor to keep you fueled for that workout.

Java Me Up bars are available at The bars are sold in 2-pack, 4-pack and 8-pack cases. Prices vary depending on the option.

Don't let the afternoon energy crisis bring your work production to a halt. Java Me Up bars helps conquer the energy slump.

Disclosure: The writer received this product to review. All opinions are her own.

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