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Gorton's Blogger GiveawayWhen a new year begins, everyone is ready to make big, noticeable changes to her life. As the days pass, those lofty resolution goals can fall apart. The key to keeping a resolution is making the goal realistic. Going from a 7-day a week meat eater to a raw, vegan lifestyle is a radical change. A more realistic, achievable goal is adding a fish day and more vegetables to the current diet. If you are ready to make realistic changes, you are ready for the 30 Day Realistic Resolution Challenge.

Gorton's Seafood has partnered with SparkPeople to help everyone make and keep realistic resolutions. The idea is to make small, simple changes that are achievable. Once each small goal is met and kept, more substantial lifestyle changes can be added.

For those people who want to reduce calories, Gorton's Grilled Filets are a perfect option for a quick, easy dinner. The Gorton's Grilled Filets are just 100 calories or less per serving. Plus, the easy to cook microwave option gets dinner on the table in minutes. Pairing one of these filets with salad or vegetables creates a flavorful meal in with a reduced calorie count.

Sometimes at home cooks avoid fish because it can be difficult to cook. The Gorton's Grilled Fillets takes all the difficulty out of eating fish at home. Each grilled fish is perfectly seasoned. With 11 varieties, there is an option for every flavor profile. Plus, these dishes go from freezer to microwave to dinner table in just minutes. There is no mess to clean up.

A personal favorite from the line is the Lemon Butter Grilled Salmon. The salmon is highlighted with the bright flavors of the lemon. I like to serve it on top of a spinach salad for a light dinner. Another good option is to use this salmon in a lettuce wrap with the salmon, Asian coleslaw, and a light Asian

vinaigrette. Both dishes leave me satisfied without over-eating. Plus, I have maintained my realistic resolution of adding more seafood to my diet and reducing my overall calorie intake.

To try Gorton's Grilled Filets at home, Gorton's has provided a coupon.

If you are ready to make realistic resolution commitment, the 30-Day Resolution Challenge could be for you. This challenge offers simple, easy to achieve daily goals to make better choices for better living. From increasing water intake to eating on the go, the 30 days can make simple changes become permanent.

To encourage everyone to make realistic resolutions, Gorton's has a huge prize package to giveaway. The prize package includes:
  • Two (2) full-value Gorton's coupons
  • An insulated tote bag
  • The SparkPeople Cookbook
  • The Spark book
  • The SparkPeople 28 Day Boot Camp Workout DVD

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