EcoFFICIENT Paper by HP, working smarter - review

While homes and offices are trying to move towards less printing, white copy paper will always be a necessity. From printing the school homework to forms for work, printing and printer paper will never go away. Since copy paper is a requirement, efficient paper to lower the carbon footprint. HP EcoFFICIENT Paper is the solution to the printing situation.

The HP paper is ideal for everyday printing. From homework to form, this paper is reliable and durable for everyday printing needs. The bright white shade allows for brighter, sharper text and colors.

The biggest difference between this paper and other printer paper is the lighter weight. The HP paper is 20% lighter than standard copy paper. The reduced weight means that more sheets can fit in a printer tray, which means less refilling. Plus, the paper occupies less storage space and weighs less.

From home printers to office copies, the HP EcoFFICIENT Paper is a smart choice. This  paper retails for approximately $32 for a case at Shoplet.

Shoplet is one stop shopping for all office supply needs. From promotional products to office stationary, one click can complete all your shopping.

Help save a tree or two and still print all the necessary documents. Turn to HP EcoFFICIENT Paper for high performance and lower impact.

Disclosure: The reviewer was given this paper to review. All opinions are her own.

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