Kobert Waterproof Case, protecting your phone at every occasion

There is one equal that is always right - water + iphone = dead iphone. Still, I bring my phone to swim meets, to water parks, and on a boat. I know that I am tempting fate. One slip of the hand, a big splash or just general careless and I will be spending a large sum to replace my phone (yes, I did back it up recently). To avoid the drama of being without my phone, I have decided to get a Kobert Waterproof Case.

The Kobert Waterproof Case offers the protection for my phone while still making it accessible to use. The case offers crystal clear see-through plastic on both sides of the case, which enables me to take pictures while the phone is in the case. Even when the phone is in the case, I can use the touch screen to access all the features. With a secure snap and lock mechanism, I have no fear that my phone will get damaged by water.

The Kobert Waterproof Case features the following:
-Inner bag size: 3.34" x 6.49" (8.5cm x 16.5cm)
-Will fit an iPhone 6, 6 Plus(Without Case),5,5s,5c,4,4s,3,Samsung Galaxy s3,s4,s5,Note 2,Note 3,Note 4,Nokia Lumia,Windows Phone 8x,Nexus 4,HTC One/One X/X+ & many more!
-IPX8 CERTIFIED to 100 Feet (30 m)
-Made from PVC & ABS
-Secure snap and lock/unlock mechanism
-Neck strap included for easy carrying
-Instruction card
-BONUS stylus pen will be included to use your mobile's touch-screen in the waterproof case

I will be bringing this case with my on safari. It has the versatility and the protection that I am looking for on my trip. I can still take pictures with the case, yet my phone is protected from the elements.

I would recommend the Kobert Waterproof Case to anyone who is around water or is planning a beach vacation. The versatility of this case is perfect for any adventurer. Even in non-water activities, like climbing where dust and dirt can be a problem, this case is a great investment.

Keep your phone protected and invest in the Kobert Waterproof Case.


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