Family calendars get organized with At-A-Glance, review

Any busy mom can tell you that the family calendar is essential to organization. From sports practices to birthday parties, and various other appointments, a family calendar is key to keeping everything on track. For 2015 our family is getting on track with At-A-Glance. 

At-A-Glance offers two type of calendars that can help plan out all the family activities. The Wall Planner offers a quick glance at the highlights of the month. Placed on a wall in the kitchen or even the mud room, this planner can be a fast reminder to daily appointments, swim practice or even the eagerly anticipated vacation. This planner retails for approximately $15.

An easy way to separate all the activities is to use a specific color for each person. For example, mom is pink and dad is green. Each kid can have their own color too. (maybe not recommended for someone who's color deficient). The colors can offer a fast glimpse and easy way to organize all the different actions. 

For moms, who are usually the keepers of the calendars, the Monthly Planner is a great way to compile work deadlines, family activities and school appointments. The book style format makes it easy to through in your purse or keep in close reach on the desk. The planner has ample room to write appointments as well as notes. The style is perfect for the list maker. Balanced with a family calendar, this item can use the same organizational scheme to keep it all organized. This item retails for $25.

These planners as well as a wide variety of office supplies can help families on track. Make 2015 the organized year with one of these planners.

Disclosure: I received these products to review. All opinions are my own.

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