Bright and bold, Astrobrights paper gets your annoucement noticed, Neenah paper review

Whether creating a poster for the school fundraiser or making the perfect thank you note for birthday present, plain, boring white paper doesn't get you noticed. A bold, brightly colored paper will make your message stand out in the crowd. Astrobrights by Neenah makes a statement in color.

When using a brightly colored paper, clear printing is key to having the message stand out. With the Neehad Colored Paper an ink jet or laser printer can produce legible, non-smudged printing for any project. The assortment of brightly colored paper assists creativity and originality in getting a message across. From a pink party announcement to a green eco-friendly recycling drive, this fade resistant paper will get everyone to take notice and remember your creation. The Astrobright colored paper is sold in reams of 500 assorted colors.

When a sturdier paper is required, the Astrobright Colored Card Stock is perfect for homemade birthday cards, celebratory signs and even party menus. The heavier weight paper can be folded with precision for crisp card edges. The heft lends to more durability. Programs for school performances or covers for booklets would be a perfect choice for the bright card stock. Even with the heavier paper, this cardstock can work well in both ink jet and laser printers. The Astrobright Colored Card Stock comes in a 250 ream of varied colors.

All of these paper options, as well as other office supplies, can be purchased online at The website offers a variety of promotional products, office stationary and even medical supplies. The prices can't be beat and the service is top.

Disclosure: The sponsor provided these items to review. After the review, items were donated to local school. All opinions are my own.

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