Kindle Fire Phone - a giveaway that's HOT

Have you ever noticed that no one can be without their phone. Leaving at home for even a quick trip to the grocery store can bring on the shakes. Plus, everyone wants the newest, hottest phone too. Having a phone that can't compete with your mommy friends for the best pictures and coolest apps lowers your mommy cred. Here's your chance to be in-the know by winning an Amazon Fire Phone.

A few blogging friends and I got together to give away something popular. Something you're gonna want. Oh great! Now I want one! We're giving away an Amazon Fire phone (insert amazon link). It has all the apps you know and love from Kindle. It has a full year of Amazon Prime built into the phone. That means you can stream music, watch your favorite shows and movies and order food all from your couch! How cool is this phone? And you can read all your books here too.  Some other cool features: 

The only smartphone with Firefly technology

Firefly technology recognizes over 100 million items, including movies, music, URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, products and more.

How does it work?

Launch Firefly by holding down the Firefly button, then just point your camera at items you want to recognize, or tap the music or video icons on the screen to identify music you are listening to or a movie or TV show you are watching. What? I must have one of these!  Please note this is for the phone only not the service. If you'd like to win but not this phone we can do Amazon gift cards instead.  All you need to do is follow and subscribe to my friends below on the rafflecopter.  So let's subscribe and follow and win this phone! 

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  1. I like that it recognizes music, urls and others with just pointing.

  2. I like that it recognizes 100 million items!!