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As the kids head back to the classroom, kids and parents differ on the priorities of back to school preparations. Kids seek out the perfect backpack and the special pencils. Parents want to make sure that the kids stay healthy for the duration of the school year and beyond. With Walgreens Get a Shot, Give a Shot program, #GiveAShot, every member of the family enters the school year happy and healthy. 

The Walgreens Get a Shot, Give a Shot program promotes children of all walks of life receiving life saving immunizations. When a child gets a back to school immunization at Walgreens, the company will help provide a lifesaving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the UN Foundation's Shot@Life campaign. The pay it forward concept promotes working together children around the world can be protected from preventable diseases. 

As many parents understand, the back to school doctor's appointment can be a dreaded affair. Many times, I have been on the phone waiting and begging for any available appointment. But, immunizations and health checks can't be put off to a more convenient time. Luckily local Walgreens clinics offer clinics where immunizations in the stores. The chart to the right shows a child's immunizations by age. For more infomation on health topics, please visit Now, when we are doing our back to school shopping, the family can stay on top of our health and fill the backpacks with all our supplies in one stop.  

The Give a Shot Get a Shot signs around our local Walgreens was a great conversation starter for the family. My kids saw the signs by the entrance and asked if the sign meant they were going to give a shot to a friend. Since my kids are familiar with giving to charity and the pay it forward concept, I explained that the program was to help kids in need. Just like we give away toys and school supplies to those in need, Walgreens is giving immunizations to children who need assistance to keep them healthy. It is another way to pay forward our good fortune to others in need. 

While we want to help others, the school year isn't the time to spread germs and unhealthy habits. At our local Walgreens, I helped the kids stock up on some back to school essentials that can keep them energized for the upcoming school days. Back to school shopping isn't just binders and notebooks, snacks and supplies can keep the kids prepared and energized for the classroom. Personally, our family keeps some boxes of raisins in the backpack for the quick pick me up before homework begins. Pairing these sweet treats with a bottle of water can refocus for the twenty minute of reading and math problems. 

Another backpack staple is tissues. While back to school time is a great way to reconnect with old friends, it can also be a way to spread germs. A tissue packs can keep those sneeze germs from spreading to friends. With the kids protected with their immunizations and good health habits, everyone is on their way to a successful school year. 

Be an informed parent this school year. Think beyond the paper and pencils and focus on healthy habits for your kids and the kids of the world.Check out Walgreens Give a Shot, Get a Shot program today. 

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.


  1. What a great way to pay it forward

  2. Nice!! I actually need to get my TDAP since I am in my 3rd trimester, I'll head to Walgreens so I can pay it forward!

  3. That's a great program to help get everyone immunized. I would select them just because they're going to give away another one.

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  5. What a great program to offer! Everyone should have the chance to get the immunizations they need.

  6. Jennifer Medeiros: Every child deserves the right to be vaccinated. I love that Walgreens is offering this program to children in need

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