Back to school shopping is about #givingbackpack

 I was provided $25 by our sponsor Ebates to purchase a backpack and school supplies. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. #givingbackpack #ebates

Going back to school is an exciting time for most families. From buying a new back pack to meeting the teacher, the month of August can set the tone for the upcoming school year. Unfortunately for some children and families, back to school purchases lack excitement. In reality, this time is spent crunching numbers, pinching pennies and hope that a dollar can be stretched to cover all the expenses. What many people don't realize that some teachers take out of their own wallets to help supply children with needed supplies. For the past couple of years, our family has joined with other bloggers to make back to school shopping about giving back. We have chosen to support our children's teachers in this annual back to school, #givingbackpack event.

Every year at meet the teacher day, our family brings two backpacks filled with school supplies to each of my kids' teachers. We leave the filled backpacks at their desks with a note explaining what we've done and why. So many teachers spend their own hard earned money on supplies for the classroom. This small gesture is a simple way of saying our family appreciates everything that the teachers do for the children. 

With just $25, our family was able to purchase the following items:

2 mead five star binders
2 flexible rulers
2 - 12 pack pencils
2 - 10 Bic pens
2 - 5 Bic highlighters
2 pencil boxes
2 - 6 notebooks
2- 7 folders
2 back packs

With all the back to school sales we were able to buy a lot of school supplies. While I'm sure that we could have saved more, I think we still did pretty well. 

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Are you and the kids ready for the school year?  Give the kids and your family a little something more this back to school season. Think about giving back and paying it forward. The good will that it creates will last till next summer vacation. 

Disclosure: I was provided $25 by our sponsor Ebates to purchase a backpack and school supplies. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. #givingbackpack #ebates

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