Back to school organization from SteelMaster - review

As the kids get ready to fill their brains with knowledge, parents begin organizing. School equals mounds of paper from all the teachers. Since no one wants to have piles sitting on the counter, finding some ways to store it can make life easier. SteelMaster, available at, has some stylish organization items.

Perfect for busy families,  a pen and note holder works for the homework area. With the holder, kids always have a pencil ready for the essay or math problems. The division can hold several pieces of paper or even folder. Having a single area for all paperwork keeps items safe and no one will say I forgot my homework.

Since families are dependent on their smart devices, a tablet stand is a must in the house. Personally, I like a stand that is simple, classic and stands up to daily wear and tear. A stainless steel stand works great because it can be easily cleaned, is sturdy, and is gender neutral. From my ipad to the kids tablets, we all can share it and I decrease house clutter.

Have you ever noticed that kids love to receive a treat from a treasure box?  With the Store-It-Box, families can have their own locked, treasure chest to reward the kids for exceptional behavior. From doing the dishes without being told to folding extra laundry, a treat from the special box can make all the work worth it.

Shoplet is the online super store for all the back to school shopping needs. From office supplies to office stationary, this one website has it all.

Is your family ready for back to school?

Disclosure: I received these product to review. All opinions are my own.

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