Saunders imagination station, creativity on the go, review

When kids get bored, parents get anxious. Parents want options to keep the kids occupied in creative ways. The Saunders imagination station is the a great portable solution to keep kids occupied with a non-electronic medium.

When thinking about an imagination station, the right tools are key. The SlimMate Storage Clipboard is the way to store supplies and provide a flat platform for writing and drawing. Store paper, pens, markers and more in this clipboard container. Even a recycled clipboard for smaller projects can fit inside. The storage clipboard is small enough to fit in the backseat pocket or a small backpack. Plus, kids can decorate the clipboard to make it personal. The carrying case becomes an art project itself. Use a glue stic or glue style pen to attach pictures, letters or other items.

Kids can be drawn to creative activities. These ideas can help keep summer brain drain away. Simple creativity can help with writing and mathematics. While kids may not want to do school worksheets all day long, the idea to draw a picture and explain the story behind the image is educationally beneficial.

All these items as well as other office supplies can be part of a parent's bag of summer tricks. Put boredom to be and get creative this summer.

Disclosure: The reviewer received these items. All opinions are her own.

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