Dressed in style from day to night with Kohls - #review/ad

Disclosure: My family received a gift card to go shopping at Kohls. All opinions are my own.

When the summer finally hit the Windy City, everyone wants to be outside. From day to night, families enjoy all the city has to offer. Almost every weekend, a neighborhood festival can be found or there is a special event at one of the city's landmarks. Since families can't go home and change from event to event, their clothes need to work from day to night. Kohls offers a variety of options at reasonable prices that will have the whole family looking sharp. 

As a mom of two boys, the balance between a mom's desire for crisp look and the boys want to be trendy can be a delicate one. The Tony Hawk line of boys clothes at Kohls is a great compromise for boys and moms. A favorite is the Next Level performance shorts. These shorts offer micro-wicking to keep the kids feeling cool on the long hot days. Pairing these shorts is easy. With a collared polo shirt or a v-neck t-shirt, the boys can be comfortable throughout the day and still presentable for dinner out. 
For the dads, a similar outfit to the boys' option works well. Golf shirts from Fila and Grand Slam Performance offer a rainbow of colors in the performance, moisture-wicking material. With a pair of performance shorts, dad can go from hitting the links to manning the grill. Plus, the woman in the household will be pleased with his stylish appearance. 

As for the ladies, Kohls has so many options it can be difficult to choose just one outfit. A fun option that is stylish yet comfortable for the summer activities is a maxi dress. With bold patterns or bright colors, these versatile dresses fit all types of occasions. Paired with a metallic gladiator sandal or a flirty espadrille, these dresses can mold to anyone's attitude and style. Don't forget to throw a cute wrap in your purse for chilly evenings. 

The best part about dressing your family from Kohls is that your money goes a long way. With summer sales and Kohls Cash, $100 dollars can dress a family of four. 

From day to night, your family will look fashionable and comfort with stylish outfits from Kohls.

Disclosure: Kohls provided my family with a gift card to go shopping. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I just went on a crazy Kohl's shopping spree! Yay for new clothes!